Living in Asheville: A Green City Guide 

As a place that radiates well-being, living in Asheville is a dream for people who want to immerse in an eco-friendly lifestyle. Sunny weather and mountainous vistas certainly contribute. However, it’s the locals, the produce and sustainable initiatives that cement Asheville’s spot on the “green city” map.   

Living in Asheville Green Neighborhoods 

It’s possible to buy Asheville home sites in the midst of nature with panoramic views, all within the city limits. Aside from literally being surrounded by green, there’s a strong focus on green built custom homes. This allows communities to reduce environmental footprints by minimizing waste, using recycled materials and reducing energy consumption.  

living in asheville - grove park cove

Stunning home surrounded by nature at Grove Park Cove.

Throughout the city’s neighborhoods, you’ll also find community gardens, working farms and walking trails to encourage an active lifestyle. Along with contributing to the environment, green neighborhoods offer community spirit that’s unique to mountain living.  

Environmentally Friendly Initiatives 

With initiatives including changing all streetlights to LEDs, waste reduction targets and advanced recycling programs, the city of Asheville is forward-thinking when it comes to environmentally friendly practices.  Best of all, locals lead the way. For example, approximately 80 percent of residents are dedicated to recycling, which is significantly higher than the national average. In terms of community support, a large volunteer network takes on projects including planting trees, creating green spaces and cleaning up rivers, streets and streams. Education is also high on the agenda, with youth programs and free events to encourage and promote environmental awareness.  

A Green Entertainment Scene 

In Asheville, even the entertainment comes in eco-friendly packaging. Most notable, in a city called “foodtopia” by its residents, is the green dining scene. Living in Asheville makes healthy eating easy, with access to succulent fresh produce, farm-to-table restaurants and businesses that support local producers.  That’s all without mentioning that the city was named “America’s first green dining destination”, by the Green Restaurant Association. Plus, it has 14 certified green restaurants proven to demonstrate water and energy efficiency, waste reduction, sustainable food use, recycling and more. Then, there’s some 17 local markets selling farm-fresh produce, arts, crafts and all manner of healthy alternatives.  

living in asheville - farmers market

Asheville Farmer’s Market. Carol Mellena/

The green entertainment scene doesn’t stop at food, either. Asheville hosts numerous fairs, events and festivals throughout each year, with emphasis on sustainable living and health. These include Organicfest, with green workshops, organic food and wellness practitioners, and the WNC Home, Garden and Green Living Show. Workshops allow audiences to learn about sustainability practices and discover the latest green living innovations.  

Asheville Green Accolades 

For many years, Asheville has consistently ranked as a top green city in a variety of ways. It’s been named one of the 5 Healthiest and Greenest Cities in America, included in  12 Best Towns for Vegan Living10 Best Outdoor Towns in America10 Friendliest Cities in the U.S. and it’s one of National Geographic’s Best Adventure Town’s, among other accolades.  

Pristine mountain air, lush forests and wildlife habitats blend with an inspiring focus on sustainability, to make living in Asheville a “green” dream come true.  

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Feature image credit: Jill Lang
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